Thursday, June 16, 2016

Top 10 Russian Revelations About Donald Trump

The Russians hacked into the Democratic National Committee's computers and got their opposition research on Donald Trump. Here are the top ten embarrassing facts about Donald Trump they found:

10. His enterprises in Atlantic City went bankrupt because he built a wall before figuring out how to get Wildwood to pay for it.

9. Before meeting his Slovenian wife, he actually asked for a Slovakian wife, and was several dates in before realizing the difference.

8. He doesn't understand why Sean Hannity is so groveling toward him, either.

7. In his March Madness brackets, he never had Trump University making it out of the first weekend.

6. During the primaries, he mistakenly spent an entire weekend preparing to debate Tom Cruise.

5. His position on gun rights was muddled at first because he thought the Second Amendment was a change to his prenup.

4. "The Apprentice" started as a bet that he could get higher ratings than Regis Philbin and got out of hand.

3. He originally wanted his "Make America Great Again" hats to have a propeller on top.

2. He's actually only worth $5 billion.

And the number one embarrassing revelation about Donald Trump...

He genuinely doesn't understand why people think his hair is funny.

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